Amorphis – Eclipse (2006)

Released in February 15, 2006, Amorphis’ Eclipse is the seventh album in the band’s discography, and the first one with singer Toni Joutsen. The album has been certified Gold in Finland after selling more than 15,000 copies during an era when digital music started to become rampant. The album is classified by some as folkContinue reading “Amorphis – Eclipse (2006)”

Symphony X – V: The New Mythology Suite

The fifth offering from Symphony X transports us to ancient Egypt, a land full of wonder, mysticism, and technological advances. It delves into topics such as astrology, the sun god Ra and all the other gods of Egyptian lore, the underwater land of Atlantis and beyond. ‘V’ fuses unorthodox progressive metal patterns with power metalContinue reading “Symphony X – V: The New Mythology Suite”

The Stone Roses – ‘The Stone Roses’

I am still baffled by how little The Stone Roses are known in the U.S. Their eponymous, first album — released in 1989 — is one of the great musical releases of all time. It’s the high-water mark of the Madchester scene in the UK that combined the sounds of classic rock, psychedelia, dream pop,Continue reading “The Stone Roses – ‘The Stone Roses’”

The Who – ‘Tommy’

Released in 1969, ‘Tommy’ is a rock opera that follows a “deaf, blind, and dumb boy” who has an impeccable pinball game. He is a literary manifestation of guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend, who may have gone through childhood without the knowledge that there may be greater forces at work in the universe than theContinue reading “The Who – ‘Tommy’”

Silhouettes 7: Black Metal and Diabolical Masquerade

My role as an inpatient was reprised one last time, with my hemoglobin levels barely making me fit for the intensity of chemotherapy. Other doctors at the hospital denounced the decision to take me in due to the fact that I could barely stand. My lungs were filled to capacity with each breath, emitting aContinue reading “Silhouettes 7: Black Metal and Diabolical Masquerade”

Silhouettes 5 and 6: Surgery and Bathory

Silhouettes 5: Surgery  The marrow is among the most sensitive areas in the human body. My doctor warned of the possibility that my lymphoma had reached Stage IV, at which point the cancer would show in my skeleton. The biopsy was a precaution and a necessary evil.  I turned around, bent over, and prepared forContinue reading “Silhouettes 5 and 6: Surgery and Bathory”

Silhouettes 3 and 4: Iron Maiden and Moonblood

Silhouettes 3: Iron Maiden  I pulled out strands out of my long mane of hair for an hour before calling the barber. He shaved my head and cleaned the patchwork on my face where there once was a beard. I wore jeans and a black T-shirt—maybe Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets,’ or some other raucous artistContinue reading “Silhouettes 3 and 4: Iron Maiden and Moonblood”

Silhouettes 1 and 2: Wolves in the Throne Room and Alcest

Silhouettes 1: Wolves in the Throne Room  A long, thick needle with a voluptuous body of red chemicals emerged from the nurse’s bag. She flicked on the side of the tool as Phase I of treatment began for my stage II lymphoma. Two weeks of Prednisone prepared me for my first session of chemo asContinue reading “Silhouettes 1 and 2: Wolves in the Throne Room and Alcest”

Devin Townsend – Addicted!

Devin Townsend Project – Addicted Released in 2009, ‘Addicted’ was part of a Devin Townsend four-album cycle that he wrote after “retiring” a year or two prior. The first was dark acoustic album ‘Ki,’ followed by dance party metal release ‘Addicted,’ wacky progressive death tunes in ‘Deconstruction,’ and uplifting folky magic in ‘Ghost.’  Devin isContinue reading “Devin Townsend – Addicted!”

Megadeth – Rust in Peace

Megadeth – Rust in Peace Released in 1990, ‘Rust in Peace’ is an iconic metal album that touches on topics such as warfare and the military, comic books, the “hidden” elements of the human condition, existentialism, and more. Main songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Dave Mustaine created the band in 1983 after being ousted from MetallicaContinue reading “Megadeth – Rust in Peace”